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Culturepreneur Clusters is a company that focuses on enterprising the culture of the people. Our organisation is structured to create entrepreneurs through the industrialisation of Cultural Crafts for standard competitiveness in export markets and to creatively redirect the productive energy in youth towards gainful empowerment in the Arts of manufacturing, with aims to package and standardize the end products of Nigerian Cultural indigenous resources for Domestic and International Export markets.
Culturepreneur clusters limited, is a registered organisation under the Corporate and Allied Matters Act of the federal republic of Nigeria.

We are a service based organization that connects:

  • Business – Business
  • Government – Government
  • Government– Business – Government
  • CCL develop ideas, nurture and implement with the speed of light
  • Baby seat businesses within and outside Nigeria by providing – international standard work ethics and a high profile delivery/efficiency
  • Reinvigorate the culture of trust and integrity to our clients and partners
The source of the problem

Over the years we have acquired a crisis of psychohistory termed ACCULTURATION-MIASM: (It is a subtle contagious organism of brain drain syndrome nationally) The contagious organism evolved, into a high level of disconnect from sustaining cultural production activity responsibilities, into non- acceptance of home sourced daily necessities, which originally was a strong connect from Nigerian Citizens to their community cultural daily routine i.e. crafts of land cultivation, net casting, traps, weaving, carving, Sculpting etc. .

The Impact, effect and existing Solutions

The effect of the above impact of Acculturation: (a change in the cultural behavior and thinking of a person or group of people through contact with another culture ) resulted to neglect of maximizing nation’s tangible and intangible resources and this impact (acculturation) degenerated into the extinction of intercommunity occupational migration, exchange of trade, arts of agronomy, craftwork, botanising skills, all of which were once associated and is still the country’s economy building prospects, the height of this is, disconnect from neglect of ecotourism.

Annually, efforts are targeted towards initiatives to create employment, industrialize the economy and also build youths entrepreneurial skills by Government, Donor Bodies, and Fund relieve organisations. Companies have emerged intermittently to address the production chain and consumer satisfaction in demands and supply averagely, it is devoid of commodity exchange centers. Nevertheless, there are open market competition vacuum that craves to be occupied that the existing solution has neither addressed nor are there production chain resolves to these issues.

Solution: How we solve the Problem

Primarily, Culturepreneur seeks creative ways to resolve unemployment by creating at least 13,000 entrepreneurs in each State and commercialize artsy-craftsy (craft), the procurement of relevant manufacturing equipment, development and supervision of business management template in the Nigerian Craft trade exchange and export industry chain. And the prioritization of Regenerating raw materials of plants and animals used for carvings, weaving, paintings, smiths, herbs, cosmetics, foods, furniture, etc. for the reformation activities of continuous commerce in the communities, efficient skilled manpower, massive replenishing of raw materials system for the future generation.

Our Mission

Build a world class Culture Reformers Association that will create sustainable jobs to generate 70% increase in State IGR and influence high rate in manufacturing exports products of Cultural Crafts.

The Impact, effect and existing Solutions
  1. Increase commercial production of cultural heritage in States by creating mass job creation
  2. Empowerment of youths and communities through entrepreneurial training
  3. Initiate, develop and sustain the very first indigenous glass making factory
  4. Increasing exportation and decrease importation expenditures in the country
  5. Raise sponsorship and funds to facilitate the crafts activities within the areas of large deposition for industrial production
  6. Development of products crossing and integration
  7. Provide manufactures and producers with high quality raw materials ready to use that is proximity friendly with to save import and clearing cost, and also the risk and duration of waiting.
  8. Expose the diverse cultural heritage located in strategic areas to investors and trade promoters
  9. Exhibit the traditional peculiarity in food products, cosmetics, herbs, arts and crafts, and the art of performance of the various communities
  10. Preserving the originality of cultural occupational lineage of families and communities
  11. Exposition of products for investment/industrialization in the State
  12. Development opportunities for indigenous occupations and branding the products to promote the local communities to interested investors.
Products & Services

Glass making, Ceramics, Brass, Straw and Cotton have the following derivatives from sourcing and processing of Clay, Kaolin/Silica, Straws, Tin/Iron, cotton and it supporting resources in the craft of production of : Laboratory materials, IT materials and products, Wool, Fabrics, Tiles, WC, Verses, Education- materials, Musical –instruments, Decorative- pieces, Tea sets Mugs, Cups, Mirrors, Frames, Cooking -wares Cutleries, Trays, Dinner- wares, Pillars, Bricks, Roofing- sheets, Canister, Bottles, Stands, Cabinets, Games, Clay stoves, Insulators, Jewelries etc

Culturepreneur product and services for these phase ranges in the production category the art of:

  1. Glass making
  2. Ceramics
  3. Brass
  4. Straw
  5. Cotton