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Cannaheal Community


Culturepreneur Clusters is a company that focuses on enterprising the culture of the people. Our organisation is structured to create entrepreneurs through the industrialisation of Cultural Crafts for standard competitiveness in export markets and to creatively redirect the productive energy in youth towards gainful empowerment in the Arts of manufacturing, with aims to package and standardize the end products of Nigerian Cultural indigenous resources for Domestic and International Export markets.


CANNAHEAL COMMUNITY is a platform that is put in motion by Culturepreneur Clusters to mobilise stakeholders and relevant institutions and individuals to add your voices to the national/international discuss on the primary course to get the legislation process on controlled cultivation of Cannabis Sativa for medical and industrial purpose in Nigeria.


The adoption and use of the CBD oil extracted from Cannabis plants has become hard currency for medical economy, employment value chain, Forex, Tourism and source of IGR and Trade exchange for nations, owing to its numerous benefits. The use of CBD oil across various countries of the world has proven beneficial for the citizen’s health and the country’s economy.

Hence, our organisation in partnership with legislators, interested practicing professionals, government institutions and business enterprise through this special purpose vehicle “CANNAHEAL COMMUNITY” with primary role to but not limited to successfully run an Advocacy on the need legislate for the “Controlled cultivation of cannabis Sativa for medical and industrial purpose” and possible ammenments to existing laws/Acts/gazzette , that is not favourable to medical and industrial use of the wonder plant by name Cannabis Sativa ( Hemp or Marijuana).


In Cannaheal Community, together our interest is to destigmatise the wonder plant that nature and divinity has empowered to heal the endocrine system of Human at the same time heal the economic system of a nation, hence, the name Cannaheal, which simply means CANNABIS-CAN-HEAL

WATCH WORD: “Legalize it and we will advertise it for the benefit of humanity and national development”

The Cannaheal Community aims to:

  1. Bring together professionals and experts as stakeholders
  2. Help members find the benefits to explore in Cannabis plant
  3. Develop awareness and better understanding of the Cannabis plant
  4. Foster a community with integrity on controlled cultivation, lawful abiding investors, researchers and professionals

The mandate of this community is to advocate, sensitise and mobilise every single stakeholder, influencer and power broker within Nigeria and the global space on the need to legalize the use of Cannabis Sativa for MEDICAL AND INDUSTRIAL USE, as we creatively support the lifting of the judgments that sentenced the life saver and economy catalyst to an underserved exile, it is as a matter of urgency that all stakeholders and influencers critically reason without any form of socio-cultural or religious sentiments, especially such as is not backed by the holy books which is the standard of every faith based religion.

The Impact, effect and existing Solutions

In pursuance of the mandate, the community will –

  1. Embark on Controlled and Regulated cultivation of Cannabis Sativa Advocacy and license structure
  2. To create a consultative forum with public officers/relative institutions and law makers on the need to lift the prohibition against the usage of CBD oil and other medicinal products owing to its numerous health and economic benefits
  3. Bring to bear the health benefits of the CBD oil
  4. Leverage on specific investment platforms and specialized units of Cannabis value chain
  5. Engage with stakeholders on how to leverage on the production process of the CBD oil as a sustainable means for job creation and empowerment
  6. Enlighten relevant arms of government on the economic benefit of the CBD oil and Cannabis Plants
  7. Emphasis on the health and financial benefit of cannabis production and CBD Oil

As a community the benefits ranges from engaging in the rehabilitation of drug victims, license for controlled cultivation, certified opportunities for research, medical and industrial investment opportunities, professionals, growers, training in specific skills for products and services. Qualified members of the community can have endless opportunities either to invest or will be eligible to register and participate in the following areas but not limited to:

• Investment in advocacy and legalisation
• Policy making process
• Medical research institution for cannabinoids
• Training on seed selection-cultivation-harvest-separation, Oil processing
• Industrialisation of by products
• Investments value chain networking
• Business administration and financial services• Legal services
• Licensing services• Regulation and control services
• Quality assurance

• ICT services
• Exports of commodities and products
• Trade exchange
• Conference/expositions
• Media coverage and

news reporting,
• Project management
• Security services